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Arc Of Attrition 2018 - 100 Mile
155.3 km 3190 m 3180 m
départ St. Keverne (GB)
arrivée St. Agnes (GB)
MudCrew presents : The "Tailwind Nutrition" Arc of Attrition. The Arc of Attrition : 100mile Winter Coastpath Ultra The "Tailwind Nutrition" Arc of Attrittion : Become a legend by completing the South West's toughest footrace. The Arc is a point-to-point extreme coastal race from Coverack to Porthtowan taking in 100miles of stunning and dramatic Cornish Coastpath with competitors running in challenging winter conditions. Runners will complete an Arc around the entire south west foot of Cornwall. The race has a strict 35 hour cut-off with additional checkpoint cut-offs on route. With checkpoints approximately 20 miles apart, competitors will need the ability to be self-sufficient for long periods of time. The event carries 6 points towards qualification to the UTMB. As safety is our primary concern, competitors will need to carry mandatory kit at all times and will be subject to random kit checks throughout the event. We would strongly recommend and advise the use of your own support crew. The cost of entry includes the hire of a compulsory GPS tracking device which allows race HQ (and your friends and family) to track your progress online throughout the event. The race starts at 12.00 noon on Friday and competitors will be bussed to the start area from the race HQ at the BlueBar Porthtowan Although it follows a way-marked route, this is a self-navigation event and ONLY suitable for experienced ultrarunners. There is an entry requirement of at least a 100km finish and considerable experience of night time running. We reserve the right to refuse an entry if we believe you do not have the right level of experience to compete in this event safely. If this is the case we will refund any monies paid in full. All competitors will receive an event hoodie at registration and all finishers will be awarded an exclusive and much coveted MudCrew 100mile buckle. The Arc of Attrition by MudCrew. Complete and Become a Legend !
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Cumul Intermédiaire
Passage Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
compet Compétition organisée le 09/02/2018
Trace n°34453
Seuil de dénivelé : 3 m
Seuil de distance : 30 m
Lissage : Oui
Origine des altitudes : MNT Google
Terrain dominant : Sentier
Alti. max. : 114 m
Alti. moyenne : 36 m
Alti. min. : 0 m
+ longue montée : 80 m
+ longue descente : 100 m

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