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Circuit Servoz - Les Ayères - Lac Vert
13.1 km 860 m 850 m
A trail with the simple profile of a pyramid. Its simplicity does not detract from the interest which requires a particular effort on a trail which has a quite a reasonable and consistent amount of cumulative ascent and descent.
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Departing from the station at Servoz, ross the railway and follow the direction Servoz/le Bouchet from the signpost 185 (tarmac road) to the centre of Servoz. At the Bouchet roundabout turn right to pass in front of the Mairie and find the Ecole de Servoz (school, signpost 20). Passing the Chouay bridge, on a little wooded footpath. Leaving the forest, the effort of the climb is rewarded by the discovery of the alpine meadows of Ayères and a unique view over the Mont Blanc massif. Just under a kilometre of flattish terrain leads back to the descent. Not too technical, this descent affords the opportunity to admire the Chatelet hut, Lac Vert, the old farms of La Côte, and finally the centre of Old Servoz. The return to the station gives an opportunity to stretch the legs over a 1.5 km run along the bank of the Arve.
Accum. Intermediary
Passage Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
Trace n°778
Servoz (74)
Marking : no
Dominant terrain : Footpath
Maximal altitude : 1639 m
Minimal altitude : 800 m
Longest ascent : 840 m
Longest descent : 860 m
Estimated duration : 1h45 / 3h45
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