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Mátrabérc Trail 2019
55.2 km 2970 m 2990 m
départ Sirok-Kőkútpuszta (HU)
arrivée Szurdokpüspöki (HU)
The Mátrabérc Endurance Tour has been organized by the Kolos Hanák Hiker Association since 1987.The track of the tour, which goes through the whole mountain from east to west, follows the main ridge of the Mátra. 99 % of the trace is trail,four fifth of it is usually one-track ridge, with amazing diversified view. One of the major characteristics of the whole distance is the various altitude, which is relatively big in comparison with other trails in Hungary. Thanks to these features Mátrabérc became one of the most frequented and prestigious endurance tours of Hungary during the past few decades. At the same time with the Mátrabérc Endurance Tour two other tours have been organized. One of them is the Kolos Hanák Endurance Tour between Kékes and Szurdokpüspöki since 1991. The other one is the Muzsla Endurance Tour between Galyatető and Szurdokpüspöki since 2005. More and more people took part in the Endurance Tour-at a run-in contest with each other or themselves for the better results. The fastest runners were usually the best trail runners of Hungary, which meant serious prestige for the winners. During the past few years the number of trail runners was getting higher and higher in Hungary. That’s why it was claimed to have “real challenging” contests. Most of them regarded the races in the Alps-especially the French and Italian ones- exemplary. For a long time they haven’t had a chance to fulfill the distance among race conditions although, it was one of the trails in Hungary which had the best features. In order to satisfy this demand-on the trace of the Endurance Tour-the Mátrabérc Trail Running race was born in 2010, where everybody can try out his abilities by running through the highest mountain of the country. The fame of the race soon crossed the country’s borders, which is proved by the increasing number of the international field year by year.
Points of Interest table
Accum. Intermediary
POI Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
compet Competition organized on 04/20/2019
Trace n°77503
Ascent threshold : 3 m
Distance threshold : 30 m
Smoothing : No
Origin of altitudes : MNT Aster GDEM
Dominant terrain : Path
Max alti. : 1025 m
Avg alti. : 648 m
Min alti. : 142 m
Longest ascent : 640 m
Longest descent : 520 m

Elevation profile
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