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Belasitsa Sky Run 2017 - Short
31.6 km 1740 m 1960 m
départ Камена / Kamena (BG)
arrivée Петрич / Petrich (BG)
Belasitsa Sky Run is a trail race that follows the ridge of one of the mountains with the most beautiful panoramas on the Balkan Peninsula. During the event the participants will enjoy views of three countries (Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia and Greece) and will see the three highest mountains on the Balkans (Rila, Olympus and Pirin). Two beautiful lakes (Dojran and Kerkini) make the panoramas even more breathtaking, while Struma River valley and the picturesque villages at the foot of the Mountain add to the atmosphere of the race. The trail passes next to beautiful waterfalls, among them the highest waterfall in FYR Macedonia - Smolarski and the Shy (Kamenishki) waterfall in Bulgaria which is shyly hidden deep in the slopes of the Mountain. The participants will also have the opportunity to run in midst of the centuries-old chestnut forests - the symbol of Belasitsa Mountain. Belasitsa Sky Run is the first international trail running race between Bulgaria and FYR Macedonia and aims to bring together the outdoor lovers from both countries and provide them with a place for a friendly competition and a forum for exchange of ideas and entertainment. Belasitsa Sky Run Short route is 31.6 km long and starts from the village of Kamena going through old growth olane tree forest, by the Shy (Kamenishki) waterfall and Lopovo locality before climbing to the highest peak of Belasitsa - Radomir (2029 m.a.s.l.) continues along the picturesque ridge to Kongur Peak and descends through centuries-old beech and chestnut forests to the finish in Petrich. Along the route there will be 3 aid stations: • Lopovo - 1280 meters above sea level, 9,8 km from the start • Under kongur peak - 1860 meters above sea level, 20,1 km from the start • Kongur mountain hut – 1280 meters above sea level, 24,5 km from the start
Points of Interest table
Accum. Intermediary
POI Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
compet Competition organized on 10/07/2017
Trace n°43207
Ascent threshold : 3 m
Distance threshold : 0 m
Smoothing : No
Origin of altitudes : GPS
Dominant terrain : Road
Max alti. : 2028 m
Avg alti. : 1298 m
Min alti. : 217 m
Longest ascent : 1620 m
Longest descent : 1750 m

Elevation profile
Track created by
Bela Extreme
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