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Certified Track - ITRA
Metsovo Ursa Trail 2014 - 40 km
39.2 km 2670 m 2670 m
départ Metsovo (GR)
3 9380
Starting in the main square of Metsovo at an altitude of 1150m. We head to the elementary school, arriving in front of the courtyard, turn slight left. We go behind the Church of Agia Paraskevi, which is the main church of Metsovo and following the main stone road we arrive at the southern entrance of the park of Saint George, we turn right on a downhill road and after 50 meters. again slightly right. For 250m. We follow path no inclination that leads us in front of the museum Tsanaka with the characteristic copper roof. For 100m. follow slightly sloping path and 150m. cement. We meet asphalt, follow it for 20 meters. slightly downhill and leave the asphalt, having covered the 1st km. of the race. Turn slightly left and enter the downhill path with turns that lead us in the Church Saints, pass the courtyard having the church on our left and after 150m. We arrive in the neighborhood of St. Demetrios with the church. From here began the first settlement of Metsovo and gradually expanded upward starting today from 1.000m. up to 1270m. altitude. Follow for 50m. asphalt road from the left side, go down for another 50 meters. in cement, turn left, follow for 300 meters. downhill cement road, we find a stone chapel and continue straight on the road. After 200 meters. we find the intersection and follow the right cement for 50 meters. To the right lies the Monastery Assumption, built in the 17th-18th century. The monastery served hikers who followed the path of Libra to Thessaly. At the end of the cement 2ochlm 970m. altitude encounter bridge over the Metsovitikos, tributary of Arachthos, pass the bridge and after 20 meters. turn left and we enter a steep path. After 50 meters. entering fenced meadow, we cross for 250 meters. without much slope and passing creek, we continue climbing. We meet and follow the dirt road to the left direction 350. We leave the dirt road turn right and continue climbing through meadows, having on our right the characteristic "Kiatra al Venetis' (Stone of Venice) and higher hotel "GrandForest". In 4.5. we meet again some dirt road in coniferous forest, follow it for one kilometer to the slope becomes more smooth. We descend to 100 meters. and the 6th km. making turn left again into our path that leads downhill to the Egnatia highway and passing over Libra tunnel we reach the first station of the race, 8.2chlm in 1100. altitude. After refueling, we leave behind the modern Egnatia and follow mule track, which according to tradition was part of the ancient Via Egnatia. From here starts intense uphill route passes through pine forests and beautiful glades with green meadows and rock formations. After the "Papanikola" and after we pass characteristic rocky ledge see the shelter ski Anilio. Nearby is the ancient passage Libra with Libra inn on the road which connected Epirus and Thessaly. Arriving at the chalet we are on second station 11 km., At 1.660m. altitude. Follow for 250 meters. dirt road and pass across steep grassy slope. For 500. the slope is very intense, but as we go up the hill is a little smoother and after passing near the terminus of the cable car, after two short but intense bursts of slope we reach the highest point of the race to 1.875m. and 12.2chlm. From here we have a spectacular view: on our left northeast Olympus, at A the Triggia, ahead south the Lakmos, Tzoumerka, the Kakarditsa behind our northern Smolikas Grammos and Mavrovouni with Drakolimni Flegga and Valia Calda. On our right and west, Tymfi and Gamila. With this direction (right) leave the top and 20m. strongly downhill we get to 100. in beech forest, after about 200 meters. following difficult downhill technical side, the next 300 meters. in broad sloping ridge and then left turn to enter 150. a stony path that leads us to a beech forest 200m. We go out into the meadow and pass next to a source of running cold water, we continue to descend the slope gradually loses its intensity and gives way to some small lines in clearings. We meet a dirt road, we follow him for 200m.kai the junction go right, we pass small stream that crosses the road and 500 meters. follow slightly uphill dirt road. We arrive at "Largo" and the third station of the race, 15 km. To 1,500. altitude. In western downhill course alternates trakterodromos footpath for about 1.500m. in coniferous forest. By the end of trakterodromou follow path through a mixed forest of beech and conifers slope transitions, we arrive at the 18th km. And go right. Here begins the most technical uphill part of the route through fir and pine trees. In the middle of uploading climb rocky passage, climb large natural stone stairs and towards the end with the help of the hands due to the steep slope, we reach the top "Fygon" or "beech" (Vlach "Fatzetou") in 18,7chlm . and 1620m. with spectacular views: at our feet Anilio and highest bridge of Egnatia opposite Metsovo and low depth Arachthos and the lowest point of the route. After the summit begins intense downhill in beech forest for about 1.300m., We come to a large clearing at "Stool", follow the path with characteristic stone signaling having on our right pinewood. After 600 meters. we enter the woods, continue for another 600 meters. and as the forest ends, cross vertically asphalt road and at once we see the first houses of the minor. We follow the signs and crossing the village we reach the fourth filling station 22km. 1.000m. altitude in the courtyard of Agia Paraskevi (16th century church with magnificent wood). We go from the north exit of the courtyard and after 50 meters. we find the path that connects with Anilio Metsovo. We follow the right direction and at 350m. we reach the lowest point on the route to 920m. We cross the bridge over the Arachthos and 150m. asphalt we arrive at St. Nicholas with a monastery (14th cent.). To the right we meet small wooden door, the Cross over and begin continuous climb of 920m. at 1.470m. at 4 km. For 200m. We run alongside vineyards and found a source with two fountains drinking water. In 100 meters. we arrive at the monastery of St. Nicholas. Continue for another 500m., We arrive at the point where they meet both matches by filling 23km and 1.800m. height difference to the great and first 1.700m. for little which then follow a common path for the remaining kilometers. In 100 meters. there are the first houses of Metsovo and follow left direction asphalt uphill road in the village. In 600m. we arrive at "Gkrizios" found intersection, turn right and 30m. Left follow intense uphill tarmac track for 200m. For 20m. we straight and slightly downhill, immediately entering uphill street and 200 meters. we reach the church of the Holy Apostles on our left, the right is a stone fountain with drinking water. After 100 meters. do slightly left and going up a concrete wide steps entering the precincts of Tositsa Foundation furniture company. Coming encounter asphalt, we follow the left for 200 meters. and at the junction we pass across in front of the monument of the army. From here starts strongly uphill path that leads us from 24,5chlm, 1.250m. elevations in 26,3chlm, 1.470m.ypsometro. at "Karakoli" through pine woods, bushes and beech. Descend passing right by the end of the cable car (the first made in Greece) and after 700m. we arrive at "Politsiora" and the 5th station in 27ochlm. at 1.415m. altitude. From here starts smooth climb through meadows, clearings and beech forest to position "Kaligomeno threshing floor" at 29,5chlm., 1.580m. altitude. For other 2 km. we follow the ridge through a forest of beech and glades with easy changes in slope. In the next half kilometer easy downhill in beech woods, we arrive at "Put di liosani" 6th refueling station 33rd km. At an altitude of 1,400 meters. From here we follow the path portion of the track cross-country skiing in the form of forest road with wooden bridges into the beech with variations in slope. Leaving the forest we pass small wooden bridge at the 35th km, 1.420m. altitude, crossing the asphalt we pass across and go up to 100 meters. track downhill ski "Prophet Elias". We descend to 100 meters. and turning right again to enter beech forest and after one kilometer easy route to the forest alternates with glades and meadows, we reach the seventh station to 36km. and sta1380m. altitude. After the station follow for 100 meters. dirt road and then turning right we climb to 1460m.ypsometro then starts downhill and follow the track downhill ski "Karakoli" we arrive at the 38th km. of 1,300. altitude. We cross the asphalt, entering path 200. and pass in front of the "Information Center of Northern Pindos park." We cross the street and next to the gymnasium, we are now in the village of Metsovo. Follow for 150 meters. asphalt and then downhill path. We pass beside one of the oldest fountains of Metsovo and after 500 having on our right the restaurant "Galaxias" do the tour of the square and terminate near the statue of the bear.
Points of Interest table
Accum. Intermediary
POI Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
compet Competition organized on 06/01/2014
Trace n°15445
Ascent threshold : 3 m
Distance threshold : 0 m
Smoothing : No
Origin of altitudes : GPS
Dominant terrain : Footpath
Max alti. : 1857 m
Avg alti. : 1350 m
Min alti. : 904 m
Longest ascent : 770 m
Longest descent : 710 m

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Track created by
Athlitikos Omilos Metsovou
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