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Ultra Trail Du Mont-Albert 2017-Grande Traversée Ultra-Trail


167.3 km

7340 m
2 m
1090 m
7170 m
1279 m
900 m



départ Gaspésie-Ouest (Causapscal) (CA)
arrivée Inconnu (CA)

Average altitude : 676 m

Loop : No
Type : Competition
Date : 30/06/2017
Dominant terrain : Footpath

Number of initial points

Threshold of the ascent/descent : 3 m
Threshold of the distance : 30 m
Smoothing : Yes
Origin of the altitudes : MNT Aster GDEM

6 5340

Elevation profiles

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The Grand Traverse Ultra-Trail is a 100 mile (165km) trail run that will traverse the entirety of the Gaspesie National Park from West to East. Starting at Mont Nicole-Albert and summiting 35 peaks with a finish on the Coast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, this is a tough, technical mountain course with over 8500m of elevation gain and a 48 hour total time limit.

Accum. Intermediary
Passage Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-




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